Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Ethan Hunt 

by Devina Gunawan

“Where is Hunt?!”

CIA decided, against the better judgment, to shut down IMF (Impossible Mission Force) and put the blames of many terrorist acts upon the one and only Ethan Hunt.

However, Ethan found out that all the connecting dots led to a shadow organization called Syndicat. Why? Because they revealed themselves to him via an old recording.

They took Ethan to dissect him but Ethan was saved by a girl who looked like nothing but trouble. She helped create a scene of Ethan escaping and her surviving his attack.

Now knowing that there was an organization operating against IMF and that CIA was after him, Ethan went incognito for six months. Of course, while hiding he had fun tricking CIA here and there for the fun of it.

His IMF friends had been recruited by CIA, and they were not exactly happy with their jobs. The comical Benji retired his hacking abilities into using CIA facilities to play video games, while waiting every week for interrogation session of “Where is Hunt.”

His life became meaningless enough that when he received two tickets to a concert in Vienna, he packed his bag and went. There, he found himself tangled in Ethan’s mission, and refused to return to CIA. They ran into the girl who saved Ethan’s life months ago and decided to work with her.

Meanwhile, after both Ethan and Benji became CIA’s most wanted, the rest of the IMF boys came together and found the lost boys for another impossible mission round.

This might be the only MI movie I could truly enjoy, despite the many off parts and the complications of mostly everything. It summed up the tales of Ethan Hunt pretty well, and it didn’t leave what MI usually offered on screen. There would always be masks, don’t you think?

Obviously, a girl was necessary. However, I loved that instead of having a full blown romance, it was just a mutual agreement of two agents that “Hey, been there done that. Let’s be just friends.” For many who came for the action and not romance, this was it.

But I also admired the almost failure moments in which we were shown that despite his greatness, Ethan Hunt was only human. And he needed his team to succeed. He needed his friends. That he might be a genius when it came to taking down an evil organization, but he was also just a man. He had his off days too.

And it was funny. It was so funny that I forgot how much I disliked the previous MI movies.

In the end, of course what was impossible turned out to be possible when you had a team like the crazy IMF and Ethan Hunt. In the end it was all happy and IMF was reinstated by the CIA. And we all wondered if Tom Cruise was finally done or if he still had more MI drafted.

If it’s going to be as good as Rogue Nation, then I guess I’m in.

And here’s the Honest Trailer for those who are just as clueless as me when it comes to MI:


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